Paxon Hollow Improvement Project

Marple Township is set to begin major improvements to Paxon Hollow Country Club which will include changes to the first three holes of the golf course and the addition of a full scale Driving Range. This project will also include major upgrades to the golf operations infrastructure.

All 18 holes of the current golf course will remain open throughout the entire project.

Two new opening holes will be built, which when completed will replace the current first two holes. The third hole will get a new tee located near the current fifth green making the third hole a straight away par four playing from an elevated tee. The new driving range will be built on the site of current holes one and two after the new holes are completed. The new starting hole sequence will be par 5, par 3, par 4. The new full scale driving range will be dual function and can also be used as a six hole par three course for beginers and juniors. A new golf operations facility will be built directly adjaecent to the first tee. This new building will include the golf shop, men's and women's rest rooms, snack bar with patio, and below ground cart storage. Holes one and two of the current golf course will remain fully open as the two new opening holes are constructed. The current third hole will remain open as well, playing from a temporary tee during construction. The picture below depicts all changes desribed above as well as a short game practice area on the site of our current irons only practice range. The short game practice area will not be part of this project but will remain in our long range plans. 

The golf course will be fully open in it's current configuration for the entire 2024 golf season.

Tyler J. Rae, Golf Architect

Click on pictures below to view renderings of the new opening holes.